Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Still Worthwhile

It has been a miserable week weather wise along the oceanfront with big easterly swells messing up the water and shutting down the fishing. However, we got somewhat of a break today as the winds calmed and the swells lessened before yet another storm hits tonight.

I went down to the oceanfront today. The water was still sandy and weedy but fishable in many locations. As has been my strategy most of the fall, I hit a number of locations along the south shore and Narragansett, and fished mostly after dark. I found fish in a couple of locations, and landed 10 schoolies from 20-25 inches. My son Ben (pic at right) joined me late and he picked up a couple of fish. Small bucktail jigs spiced with curly tails (see pic at left) did most of the damage as has been the case all fall. I even found a few fish busting on bait after dark.

I know it is difficult for many fishermen to move around after dark. However, if you can hit multiple spots after dark on ideal tides and fish each for about an hour or so, you can come away with some fish. Yes, they are still around.