Sunday, November 7, 2010

Big Surf Kills Weekend Fishing

It was a wild weather weekend along the oceanfront. On Saturday I saw waves of 7-10 feet crashing ashore in the Gansett area. The heavy surf roiled the water with weed, silt and sand and even produced beach erosion. There was no fishable water anywhere along the oceanfront except in the backwater ponds. This is the way this fall has been going with some of the nastiest weather imaginable. When it clears up, it seems to leave no fish along the shoreline. Unfortunately, the forecast for the next week is not good with cold temperatures and lots of wind. A mix of rain and snow is coming tomorrow and once that moves out the winds are supposed to blow 25-35 knots all week from the north or northeast. Maybe that will put an end to a crappy fall season that is now on life support.

My son, Matt, and I fished on Saturday. We hit some backwater locations in back of Galilee and Narrow River with light tackle hoping to snare some schoolies or hickory shad. In the past the backwater spots would really produce on these bad days. Well, there is a lack of fish even in these spots. We did manage to get two schoolies (see pic at left), and that was about it. Very disappointing for this time of year.