Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Not Hot and Heavy, but Still Going!

It felt like a September day today down the RI south shore with balmy temperatures and a stiff southwest wind. But, a look at the calendar says we're at the end of November and striper fishing should be slowly coming to an end. It doesn't seem to be as good as a week ago, but there are still fish to be had for those wanting to wet a line.

I went down with my friend Nick today and we caught fish in a couple of spots. A few other fishermen that I met along the beachfront were also getting a few. It was not hot and heavy action, but I managed four schoolies with a couple of more hits and fish on. Hey, it's the end of November and anything at this time is a bonus. Small stuff worked again with the Cocahoe nailing two fish and a jointed Red Fin Swimmer luring my other two fish. All the other guys caught their fish on Cocahoes on small jigheads (must be readers of the blog!). With no severe cold on the way, it looks like the ending trickle of fish will continue.