Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Stripers

There was no way I was going to be anywhere near a mall today. I detest shopping in general and hate the crowds even more. So, I found myself headed for the tranquility of the RI oceanfront for one more shot at fall stripers. I wasn't disappointed.

First spot I stopped at I saw a total of 12 stripers caught. I got 3 of them and my friend, Chris (pic at left), landed 4 fish. Chris had one nice keeper of about 29 inches while the rest of our schoolies averaged around 20 inches. Of course, everything was taken on small bucktail jigs and Cocahoes mounted onto jigheads.

Next stop was for some at and after dark fishing. No fish or hits in spot #2 after an hour of casting a number of different lures.

Spot #3 was a quiet backwater spot where I like to use a small, light rod to fish for 16 inch schoolies and hickory shad after dark. So, I was quite surprised when a big fish grabbed my jig and tore off on a drag screaming run. It was a battle with my twig of a rod and just 6 lb. test line, but I finally landed a 28 inch keeper bass, a real beauty on ultra light tackle (see pic at right) and a great late season catch.

Just like I have done all fall- I hit a number of locations today in the hopes of finding fish in one or more spots. It was a great way to spend Black Friday!