Saturday, November 13, 2010

Big Waves Continue to Pound RI Shoreline

If you didn't know it, you'd think there was a hurricane sitting right off the RI shoreline. The shoreline right now is taking a pounding from an ocean storm. The easterly swells are huge and messing up the water big time with sand and weed. These conditions are killing the fishing as most oceanfront spots remain unfishable.
I went to the oceanfront to fish today. The waves were so big in Gansett you could hear them pounding the beach from the Sprague Bridge, roughly a mile from the water. The waves were crashing over the front of Pier 5, they were going over the Center Wall in front of Galilee as if there were no wall there and five to six foot rollers were pounding Salty Brine Beach. Need I say more. This has been going on for nearly a week and there is no fishing activity whatsoever along the oceanfront. Many say the fall fishing is all over with another stormy week on the way.
Even the backwater spots were non productive today. I managed one schoolie in a protected backwater location and that was my only hit. With few fish and little bait out front this fall to fuel the backwater fish population, these places are also running on empty. The poor fall fishing extends beyond the oceanfront.