Saturday, October 20, 2018

Going Big

This Sebile stick shad has landed good numbers
of keeper bass for us this week.
It's been a real  hot week of fishing for stripers here in RI.  That terrific fishing has been fueled by an influx of massive amounts of large peanut bunker.  I'm talking peanuts in the 4, 5 and even size inch lengths. With bait that size, many larger plugs and jigs have been working. Here are a few examples of what has caught most of our fish in the last week:
Sebile Stick Shads- My son Jon scored a thirty-five fish night ( at least a half dozen keepers) using this plug in a size 155 that we frequently use at the Canal. I used it the next day to take several more keepers. Seems like the bigger fish were keying on this plug.
Sebile Magic Swimmers- Jon has been using this 6 1/2 inch Sebile in a Ghostescent color to score many more fish, especially in the daytime. It works great when the fish are on large peanut bunker.
Big Bucks- I used a 1 1/2 oz. bucktail jig with a 4 inch white curly tail today to land 20 stripers (2 keepers) in some real rough water. The bucks have been very effective all week, especially in rough water.
Float and Big Buck- I've been using bigger bucktail jigs ( 3/4 ounce) off the float this week.  I had a 37 fish day (several keepers)  this week using this set-up when the stripers were just below the schools of peanut bunker in shallow water.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Cold Nights Lead to Hot Fishing

It was loaded with good size
schoolies in the 24 inch
range with some keepers
in the mix in the last couple
of days. This one was landed
on a Cocahoe today.
Air temperatures are dropping, water temperatures are dropping and the fish are now on the move. There has been a major uptick in fishing along the oceanfront in the last two days. Peanut bunker have moved along the oceanfront in big numbers attracting large numbers of stripers. The peanuts have also been a good size with the bait running 4 to 5 inches in length.  That "bigger" bait has attracted a lot of bigger fish.  While schoolies dominate the fishing, there have also been good numbers of small keeper stripers in the 28 to 32 inch range. Of the hundred or so stripers my son Jon and I have caught in the last two days, about 10 of them have been keepers.
The fishing has also been good in both the daytime and at night. We had our best night of the fall last night catching loads of stripers with many of them keepers.
The hot lures have been swimmers and stick shads at night and jigs, Jumpin Minnows and Sebile magic swimmers in the daytime.
Make no mistake about it.....the fall run is underway.

Jon Pickering holds a good size keeper that was landed after dark yesterday.
There have been good numbers of keepers around in the last two days.
Nighttime produced the best fish yesterday.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Should Be Better

Schoolies dominate the fishing scene in southern New England.
This one came from a recent outing in Boston Harbor.
Fishing is just ok for me right now.  It's October, the month that is supposed to be real good.  But, this October and recent Octobers, are not your father's or grandfather's October.  As I type this post, the temperature outside is in the 70's and I'll be fishing the oceanfront tonight in a t-shirt.  Welcome to global warming.  It's having a big effect on the fishing.
My sons and I have been out several times in the last week.  The results seem to be two or three fish an outing, and they are all schoolies. There is no evidence of any big numbers of fish or bait beginning to move southward.  That is what is going on here in RI.  Keepers, especially larger ones, are scarce. Blues are few and far between. Albie numbers, the few that have been around, are on a downhill slide and coming to an end.
But, all is not doom and gloom since November is only a few weeks away.  In recent years, November has been THE month to be fishing along the RI oceanfront.  We've seen huge numbers of schoolies, and more keepers than the rest of the year in recent Novembers. We might even a shot of big blues if we have big bait.  November is the new migration month here in RI and predators as well as huge amounts of bait should be migrating right along the south shore.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Photo of the Day.....Breaking Out of a Lull

This good size schoolie was one of more than a dozen fish that I landed today.
The past week has brought a lull to RI fishing for me, but today's action was a much
needed good day! 

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Striper Action Lights Up in This Week's Rough Water

Here's a long, skinny keeper that I landed today.
Striper fishing has been good in the rough water
this week. 
It's been another week of very rough conditions along the oceanfront.  And, it's been another week of good striper fishing.  My son Jon and I have been fishing up a storm and catching good numbers of fish.
I was down the oceanfront today.  There was a strong northeast wind and conditions were as rough as I have seen it this year (and that includes the week of hurricane waves), yet I found a pile of fish in the white, clean water.  I landed 18 stripers.  The were mostly hefty schoolies that averaged 22 to 24 inches, but I had one small keeper in the bunch.  The hot lure for me was a queen Cocahoe fished on a 3/4 ounce jighead.
My son Jon fished yesterday and Tuesday. His total for both days was 29 stripers.  Of that bunch, he had 10 keepers that ranged from 28 to 32 inches. The rest of his fish were schoolies that averaged about 24 inches. He got all his fish on a float and bucktail jig combination.
This fall's stripers are definitely bigger than what we saw last year and this spring.  Most of the schoolies are averaging about 24 inches.  There are also good numbers of small keepers up to about 32 inches.  Fish bigger than that have been scarce from shore so far.
As far as albies are concerned, Jon landed one on Monday.  For the rest of the week, neither one of us has seen any, although we saw a lot of other fishermen looking.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


First off, better late than never.  Yes, the albies have been around.  How many depends on who you talk to.  Some guys are boasting about big numbers, but I have not seen it. Let's also get something straight....this is not last year, not even close. Last year saw record numbers, and I could find fish on just about every outing from mid September on from shore. Most of the better albie fishermen have caught far less this year than last year.
Yes, there are some around from shore,
but you will have to be lucky to find them.
This one was caught last week.
I have been out just about every day from shore in the last week and I have not seen that many fish caught.  When thirty guys are fishing an "albie hotspot" and about thirty fish are caught, that amounts to an average of one fish a guy.  Not exactly hot fishing.  Of all those days I have been out, there was only one day that I saw good numbers of fish breaking, and that was a day that they showed just about everywhere along the RI oceanfront.
Still, there are fish to be had.  Boaters seem to catching far more than the shore guys.  That is always the case. I also think you could luck out from shore and stumble on a big pile of fish. But, for consistency, let's just say there are some around.  Not that many, just some.
My plan is still to target stripers and if I find some albies, I am prepared with the stuff to fish for them.  Striper fishing has been more consistent than albie fishing so far in September, and the fish seem to be running bigger and bigger.  My son, Jon, was out today in this messy weather.  He didn't get any albies, but he landed 13 stripers from 24 to 32 inches. Pretty darn good.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Photo of the Day....On the Board!

I was fishing for stripers today and guess what popped up in front of me?  Here
is a photo of my first albie of the year taken on the float and blue tailed Deceiver fly.