Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nighttime Spot Hopping Produces

I was not optimistic about my chances of catching a fish yesterday. I decided to head down in early afternoon to check out some south shore spots in the daytime. I checked out Matunuck, South Knigstown Beach, Green Hill and Charlestown in the daylight. NOT A THING. No fishermen, no birds, no bait, no vehicles on the beach, NOTHING. I even fished some of these spots...barren. So, contrary to those sugar coated RI fishing reports you are reading about, there seems to be little around in the daytime.
I was determined to stay after dark and try to reverse my luck in pitch darkness. As has been the case all fall, the after dark fishing seemed to light up. I moved around in several locations like I have been doing all fall. Every spot seemed to have some fish, though not a lot. I ended up the night with 9 bass and 8 large hickory shad which were keying on my Deceiver teaser. It was not hot and heavy fishing, but decent action. If you know your way around the dark (tough for novices) and you can stand the cold (in the 30's last night), then expect to catch some fish after dark.