Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fishermen Packing It In Early????

I was out scouting around on Tuesday and Wednesday, beautiful days along Rhode Island's south shore. I checked out places like Matunuck, Charlestown, Green Hill and Moonstone Beach. The beaches were empty, devoid of any life (see photos of a barren Charlestown and Green Hill). Unlike previous years at this time when 4x4 vehicles would be zipping up and down the beaches or fishermen would be in lawn chairs fishing the bottom or surfcasters would be working up and down the beaches, there was no one around. I can only assume that many, many fishermen have packed it in for the season. I noticed in the report section of this week's Fisherman magazine that many are reporting that same thing....fishermen giving up for the season.

It's been a tough fall for sure. Other than an occasional school of mullet, there has been a serious lack of bait. Bluefish and striper numbers are way off. The weather has been awful. I would rate this fall's fishing as the worst in over a decade (thusfar). Some will say the striper numbers have fallen off a cliff. Others claim the fish took a track southward way out, bypassing the shoreline. Others say the big push is still coming!

I know that it is way too early to pack it in. There is still decent fishing going on at night for large fish as proven by a 50 lber. that was taken from the surf this week, the biggest I have heard about along the mainland shore in years. In other years that time period around Veterans' Day has been red hot, the peak of November fishing. Maybe it will happen that way again. I'm still hopeful the fishing will perk up.