Thursday, November 11, 2010

Big Wind, High Surf Kill Fishing, AGAIN

It was almost too good to be true. As fast as the fishing heated up (one day), it has suddenly cooled off and shut down again thanks to more bad weather. Along the oceanfront the wind is gusting to about 30 knots right now out of the northeast with a gale warning in effect. Five to eight foot waves are churning up the ocean into a brown soup of weed and sand, sending the fish packing. Fishing was near impossible yesterday, and I managed only one schoolie in a backwater spot after dark.
It is a pattern we have seen many times this fall. The ocean calms for a day or two, the fishing perks up and bad weather returns and shuts down the action for days, sometimes a week or more. Judging from weather reports, the weather will not calm down until Saturday or Sunday.
One optimistic note here is that I did notice large flocks of gannets hitting the water way out off South Kingstown Beach yesterday. I also noticed seagulls and cormorants feeding way out off of Charlestown Beach. So, hopefully when this weather clears we will get another shot of fish. I'm in this game until Thanksgiving week.