Friday, May 30, 2014

Buzzards Bay: A Hotspot for Multiple Species

The Kastmaster XL was a hot
lure for large black sea bass.
We were vertically jigging
in about 20 feet of water.
My brother and I fished from the boat yesterday and it was some of the hottest fishing I have seen this year.  We were fishing Buzzards Bay, a real hotspot in the past in late spring and early summer. We didn't catch stripers, but we landed big numbers of black sea bass, scup and bluefish.
Bluefish schools were
numerous throughout
Buzzards Bay.
We started off targeting black sea bass.  We used Kastmaster XL's as we vertically jigged these metal lures in about 20-25 feet of water.  It was one black sea bass after another with dozens of keepers.  We got no real large ones but had numerous 3-5 lb. fish.  We also landed an occasional dinner plate size scup on the same lure. We moved around and seemed to find black sea bass and scup on just about every hump, rocky point and dropoff throughout the Bay.  It was absolutely loaded.
Large scup were also mixed in
with the large black sea bass.
There were also hitting the
Kastmaster XL.
While fishing for scup we also saw terns working all over the place.  We suspected there were blues or stripers forcing baitfish to the surface.  So, we went in search of bass and blues.  We found big numbers of blues in mostly deeper water in the Bay.  They seemed to be all over the place. Terns were diving; blues were breaking.  It was wild.  We landed several dozen bluefish from 5-7 lbs. using that same Kastmaster XL on the surface (while reeling quickly). When close to the boat these hooked fish were puking up small sandeels, the bait the terns were also feeding on.  Surprisingly (or maybe not a surprise), there were no stripers.