Friday, May 2, 2014

Schoolie Fishing EXPLODES

Over a hundred schoolies were
landed in one spot tonight.
The spring migration has arrived.
Fan tailed plastics threaded onto
lightweight jigheads were the hot
lures this evening.
One spot. One hundred fish landed tonight.  Any doubts that we would even get a  spring migration were erased tonight as I saw a small army of fisherman hauling in one fish after another in a popular spot along the oceanfront.  And, I didn't see just schoolies.  I also saw a couple of fish that were right around keeper size.  The hot lures were plastics with a fan tail.  My son, Ben, and I landed good numbers on a Cocahoe minnow (white, 3 inch) threaded onto a half ounce jighead.  Ben also got one on a shrimp fly teaser. Many of these fish were loaded with sea lice, a sure sign that these are migrating fish. With warm weather and southwest winds in the forecast for this weekend, it looks like banner fishing.  The spring migration is here, and it's about time!