Friday, May 23, 2014

Should Be Better

I got six small ones tonight.  Schoolie
fishing is mediocre; fishing for keepers
is poor.
I'll give you a fishing report in three words: Should Be Better! 
I got out tonight and fished in a popular spot in the Bay.  There were two other guys fishing this place when I got there, however, by 8:00 PM I was the only guy fishing.  I have to surmise that many fishermen are discouraged and not even going out and trying.  I did get 6 schoolies in this spot using a float and 6 inch Hogy combination.  This was my best outing of the last four.  My previous three outings this week I got a grand total of 7 schooolies. In other years we would be catching big numbers of schoolies mixed in with keepers at this time of year.  Not this year.  Friends and my sons report similar mediocre fishing along the oceanfront.
This was the hot combo tonight....
a float with a 6 inch Hogy tailing
off the float.
Where are the larger fish?  There are lots of menhaden in the Bay, yet very few keeper bass under them.  I watched a school of pogies swim lazily by me last night in only about three feet of water with nothing after them. I'm not buying the cold weather/cold water excuse anymore.  We are at the end of May and there should be more larger fish around.  I'm certain this is the start of a year that will see a big decline in large fish.  You are seeing it now.
On a positive note, there have been pods of bluefish around the Bay and the oceanfront this week.  There are not tons of them but if you can find some bait, you have a shot at getting some bluefish.
Memorial Day weekend is upon us.  I'm guessing many fishermen will be wetting a line this weekend.  Good luck if you get'll need it!