Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bay or Oceanfront? ..........A Toss-Up

This decent size schoolie was landed
tonight in the Bay using a Slug-Go.
So, where's the hottest spring fishing right now.  In my opinion, it's toss-up between the Bay and the oceanfront.
In the last week I have been fishing just about every evening/night.  I have concentrated on the Bay.  These are spots that are anywhere from a quarter to half the distance to the oceanfront for me.  The Bay is much closer to home and a big saving on gas.  And, the Bay is running hot right now in multiple spots.  I've been getting anywhere from 4-15 fish an evening with usually a small keeper in the mix.  The fish I am getting are considerably bigger than the fish I was getting along the oceanfront.  The Bay fish are also more active, hitting Slug-Gos along the surface.  They are also hitting at night.
My two youngest sons who live in Narragansett continue to see very good action along the oceanfront.  They are getting big numbers of fish, but the fish are small with nothing close to a keeper.  The fish are also hitting only in the daylight hours with high noon being terrific at times.  The other day my son, Ben, was fishing during mid day and had a hit or a fish on every cast for an hour. The hot lures along the oceanfront have been Cocahoes or small bucktail jigs with shrimp fly teasers. My kids seem to be getting more fish an outing but I am getting bigger ones.
So, in my mind, it's a toss-up as to where the best fishing is right now in RI.  The good news is both the oceanfront and the Bay are really good right now.