Monday, May 26, 2014

Change in Location/Tactics Lead to Big Numbers

A Zoom fluke on a jighead fished
off a small float has been a good
producer in the last 2 evenings.
Schoolies continue to be abundant
but keepers are in short supply for
shore fishermen.
Things weren't going well for me earlier in the week so I completely changed locations and tactics, something I often do when I'm not catching.  It worked like a charm as I landed big numbers of schoolies in the last two evenings of fishing in the Bay.
The hot artificial I used in the last two evenings was a float/Zoom Fluke on a jighead combo.  I often go to that artificial when I'm looking for a long cast or when the wind is whipping in my face.  It gives me a lot more distance under those conditions than strictly going with the jig and fluke combo.  The schoolies were jumping all over this tonight and last night.
There continues to be good numbers of schoolies around especially the smaller variety under 20 inches. They have been in abundance all May.  However, keepers are scarce from shore.  You hear about a large fish here and there, but I've yet to see anything over 30 inches and I've seen hundreds of them in the last month.  I have also seen no blues in the past three outings.