Sunday, May 18, 2014

Action Cools, Lack of Keepers, and First Bluefish Caught

Since that big blow on Friday and the big rainstorm that came with it the action has really cooled in both the Bay and the oceanfront.  I fished the Bay the last two evenings and came away with only two small schoolies in two different spots.  Friends and my sons report a cool down along the oceanfront also as my sons only landed a couple of fish in two outings this week.  In addition, my brother was all over the Bay today in his boat and got nothing.
Many fishermen are starting to complain about the absence of larger stripers.  The couple of keepers that I have landed thus far have been just 28 inches.  I know of NO ONE who has caught anything larger.  Strange thing is that the Bay is loaded with menhaden in a lot of places but there seems to be no big fish after them.  Many fishermen in the know are claiming this will be a poor year for keepers as their numbers are way down.  It certainly is starting off that way.
Surprisingly, I saw a bluefish landed tonight from shore in the Bay.  A guy right next to me caught it on a Jumpin' Minnow.  Water temperatures are way below normal so I an quite surprised that there was even one around.  However, in normal years I do usually get my first one around the first week of May.