Sunday, June 1, 2014

Big Day in the Bay

We headed out into Narragansett Bay in the boat today with the intentions of trying for keeper bass by using pogies.  That never worked out.  Oh, there were tons of menhaden around and you could snag all you wanted.  But, those reports of lots of big stripers under them just did not materialize today. We had a couple of chases by small keeper stripers that just could not take the offering, and we had a couple of chops by bluefish.  We never saw a keeper bass taken today by an armada of boats.
So, we scrapped that plan and went to plugging for stripers and blues.  That's when we hit the jackpot in a little obscure spot that was just loaded with schoolies and decent size blues.  There were three plugs that were working exceptionally well today.  The 7 1/2 inch white Slug-Go, a white Jumpin Minnow and a small three inch popper were all hot producers as the fish were keying on small offerings fished on top.  It was nonstop action for several hours as we landed at least 35-40 bluefish  in the 5-9 lb. range and at least 25 stripers in the 15-24 inch range. This hot fishing is a good example of how you should have a back up plan if what you are doing is not working.  That back up plan led to a big day for us today.