Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Just Not Much to Report

Schoolies are still around from shore but there
are less of them.  This 20 inch fish was caught
tonight on a Zoom fluke.  Keepers are scarce.
I fished the upper Bay tonight and got 4 schhoolies. I went down to the Cape Cod Canal with my son Ben on Sunday and we each got a schoolie.  Friends went out last night in the lower Bay and they caught schoolies.  Another friend hit the Newport shore a week ago and caught schoolies.  Notice the trend?  Yes, schoolies dominate the striper scene from shore, but there are less of them than there were just weeks ago.  Keepers continue to be scarce for shore fishermen.
On Sunday I went back to try the Canal.  I haven't been doing well there fishing the daytime in past outings so I figured I would try an evening/nighttime outing.  It was the same results with a lone schoolie of about 22 inches for my efforts.  My son, Ben, also got a schoolie.  When we left the canal shortly after dark there was not one fisherman left fishing. No one!  I also spoke to a guy who fished in the daytime on both Saturday and Sunday, and he never saw a fish caught.
Tonight I fished the upper Bay.  I landed 4 schoolies that looked like clones.  They were all in the 18-20 inch range.  They were all taken on Zoom flukes fished off a float.  There are less schoolies in my spot than there were two weeks ago.  The water is warming quickly, and I suspect that even the schoolies are heading to deeper and cooler water.