Friday, June 13, 2014

At the Canal Last Two Days....

There were more schoolies
around than keepers in the
last two days.
I left RI and headed to the Cape Cod Canal for greener pastures in the hopes of getting a cow or two.  I fished the Canal the last two days in ideal conditions.  The tides were right and the weather was right.  The results were similar to what has been going on here in RI.  There were some schoolies around, few keepers and the fishing was inconsistent at best.
Here is what I found:
All the keepers that I saw taken in the
last two days were landed on Savage
sand eel jigs, the new hot lures in the
Thursday:  I landed two schoolies on Daiwa SP minnows.  I also saw several other schoolies landed along with exactly three keepers from 15-25 lbs.  These were taken on Savage sandleel jigs fished deep. This is the new hot lure in the canal.  I saw about a dozen fishermen come in and out of the canal this day, very small numbers of fishermen in ideal conditions.  Tells you a lot about what is going on....not much.
Friday:  Went back on this rainy day.  I landed four schoolies today on Daiwa SP minnows.  These were small fish from 14-20 inches.  I saw several more schoolies landed along with maybe a small keeper.  There were rumors that another guy not in my sight landed three keepers on jigs. There were about 15 fishermen fishing today though most left a couple of hours after high tide.  The positive thing that happened today was that I saw several large fish break but these were individual fish.  There was also a lot of small bait around today. I'm guessing it was bay anchovies.  I saw no mackerel.
The last two days were disappointing because I have landed good numbers of keepers in the past on these tides at this time.  Reports coming from the Canal have generally been fair to poor, not something canal fishermen are used to hearing.