Saturday, June 7, 2014

More Blues Than Stripers

This bluefish was foul hooked in the side
with a small popper.  In recent outings blues
has far outnumbered stripers in the Bay.
I've been out quite a few times in the last week in the Bay from both the boat and shore.  And, the results are the same.  There are far more blues around than stripers.  The blues seem to be everywhere.  I suspect they have been drawn to the Bay by the large number of menhaden that are around. For the most part the blues are running 5-8 lbs.  I'm getting most of my blues along with an occasional schoolie on a Rebel Jumpin minnows or a small popper.
Since the year has started (a little over a month now) I have landed more blues this year than the previous two years combined.  And, I thought last year the bluefish were disappearing.  Yikes, was I wrong!