Monday, September 18, 2023

Brute Strength

Today's biggie was a brute of a fish- big head,
big girth and strong as an ox.

 I landed a brute of a fish today. It was one of those "old fashioned" fish we used to catch 30 and 40 years ago.  It was at least 40 inches long with a  big head and a wide girth.  And it possessed some brute strength.  

The fish took a two ounce homemade bucktail jig with a pink Fat Cow strip added.  It was able to put up a drag screaming fight, and I knew I was onto a good fish within seconds after hooking her. That jig that it hit was made with a heavy duty size 7/0 Mustad hook.  I've never seen one of these bend until today.

When I got the fish ashore I was astonished to find this fish actually bent the hook in half in its vice grip jaw. I was lucky I did not lose the fish. I kept the hook and jig as a reminder of just how strong a larger striper can be. Take a look at the hook and jig below.

By the way, all was good here as the fish was released in good shape to fight and maybe bend a hook again!

The fish above was able to bend this
heavy duty 7/0 Mustad jig hook. Big,
strong stripers can possess incredible
brute strength.