Friday, March 28, 2014


Chris was a lucky fisherman.
He was also lucky in life two
days ago.
Luck plays a big role in fishing; it can also play a big role in life. We got a big taste of luck in the last couple of days as it waved its wand on my second son, Chris.
Chris fished the least in the family because of his heavy commitment to sports in high school and college.  However, when he did fish he was lucky.  He liked to fish and he often would catch a lot of fish or a big one when he did get out with me or his brothers.  Yes, he was lucky fisherman.
Chris is now working and living in Boston with his girlfriend Kaleigh.  Two days ago, he encountered what could be the luckiest (or quite possibly the unluckiest) day of his life depending on how you look at it.  He was sitting in his living room when he heard fire trucks outside his apartment building.  As he looked out his third floor window at the commotion, he realized firemen were frantically entering his building.  Suddenly, he heard shouts in the hallway to "Get Out".  "Fire!".  He and Kaleigh ran to the door, opened it, and immediately were staring at thick, black smoke.  They smartly shut the door and ran for the window where there was a fire escape.  Smoke was also coming up the side of the building.  They climbed through the window and slowly made their way through the smoke to safety.  Chris says they were the last out of the burning building.
Chris' apartment was located
on the third floor of this burning
building in Back Bay in Boston.
He and his girlfriend narrowly escaped.
In the last few days the news has been filled with accounts of this tragic fire in Back Bay in Boston where two fire fighters lost their lives. I can't help thinking about those firemen who lost their lives and  I think how this could have turned out far differently for us.  Chris and Kaleigh are lucky to still be alive.
They literally escaped with the clothes on their back. However, they lost everything.....clothes, keepsakes, memory items, furniture, books, photos, appliances, etc.
Friends have set up a fund for them to help rebuild their lives.  The fund is located here:
They are currently in a hotel in Boston courtesy of the Red Cross.  They are determined to rebuild their lives.  Support from friends, family, co-workers and even strangers has been overwhelming.  Yes, we are all grateful and thankful they are still alive.  Luck was shining on them that awful day.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Just Nothing to Report

We are in a dead time of the year right now.
We are looking at close to a month before we get the springtime migrating stripers.  I'm almost sure this will be a late year due to the cold water and weather.  The wintering over fish seem to be semi dormant with the snow melt and ice melt causing very cold water temperatures.  The few fish being taken in the upper Bay have mostly been snagged.  I have only gotten one small fish in my last four outings and that was snagged.  It has been a poor winter of fishing with numbers way down and sizes very small compared to other years.
So, I'll continue to get out and try for those wintering over fish, but I know it's more or less a waiting game until the springtime action begins.

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Snagging Dilemma

Tonight's lone fish was snagged in the tail.
Snagging does happen at this time of year.
Expect to also catch some fish in the mouth.
It's a late winter phenomenon that you rarely read about anywhere.  SNAGGING.  It happens and it happens with more regularity than most would admit. Most fishermen are not trying to snag fish, but it can't be avoided.
In early March, water temperatures have bottomed out.  Because of the cold water, these fish are sluggish and almost in a semi-dormant condition.  Most are not hitting.  These sluggish fish are also moving in tight, balled up schools, another late winter phenomenon.
As you move your jig along the bottom it bumps into these sluggish fish, and it feels like a hit.  You pull back.  The result is often a snagged fish.   However, in between those snagged fish, you do seem to get some fish to take your offering in the mouth.  Some active fish are still hitting. I don't like snagging fish, but I'm often faced with a dilemma of continuing to fish or calling it quits. I usually continue fishing because I also know that  winter late winter fishing often comes down to accidentally snagging some fish to get to those that want to hit.  It is just part of the winter fishing game.