Thursday, September 5, 2013

Where's the Bait?

Even with the lack of bait, there are good
numbers of schoollies around.
Keepers, however, are in short supply.
Boaters as well as shore guys are all asking the same question.....where's the bait? At this time last year,  the oceanfront was choking with bay anchovies, but this is a different year.  Without bait there has been very few keeper stripers or bluefish around  and not a sign of false albacore yet.  Until a run of bait develops fishing will remain slow.
My two youngest kids, URI students, are now living in Gansett and have been out every day in the last week.  I got out today and fished with my son, Jon.  Even with the lack of bait, there have been good numbers of schoolies around, especially in any white water.  I landed 3 today and Jon landed 4 schoolies.  These were all cookie cutter clones, 20 inch skinny fish. Both boys have been getting some fish every outing, but no keepers, even when slugging it out at night in some very good spots.  Most serious shore fishermen are complaining about the lack of keeper fish. There have also been very few blues around at a time when they are usually in abundance.
I've been doing this long enough to know things can change from one day to the next at this time of year.  I'm hoping the upcoming cold nights will get things going.