Monday, September 16, 2013


All the stripers today were schoolies
in the 20-24 inch range.
A float with a Cocahoe was the hot lure.
Fishing has taken a big upturn in the last couple of days as this roller coaster of a month of fishing has taken a turn for the better.  Big schools of bay anchovies are flooding into the waters along the oceanfront, and stripers and bluefish are on their tails.
The fish are feeding on 1 inch
bay anchovies.
Big schools have moved in.
I got down today and fished with my kids.  You just had to look for the fish and you'd find them.  They were all along a big swath of the oceanfront.  For the most part these schools of fish were out of casting distance but every once in a while a school would pop up right in front of us.  That would cause the three of us to haul the float and Cocahoe combo right into the middle of the school.  At times all of us would hook up at once.  Most of the fish were stripers, schoolies in the 20-24 inch range, but there were also decent numbers of 3-5 lb. bluefish in the mix. I will also tell you that these fish were fussy.  Many times a cast into the middle of a school of fish the size of a gymnasium would not even get a hit.  That's the way it is when bass and blues are on one inch bay anchovies.
The only thing missing from the mayhem of today was false albacore.  To my knowledge, no one has landed one yet along the oceanfront, but with the bait situation building, it's only a matter of time. I expect we'll see some caught before the end of the week.