Friday, September 20, 2013

Okuma Reels....Can They Compete?

The Okuma Trio-55 has been a solid
performer thus far.
Okuma makes some of the best freshwater reels around.  I have been using them for years for my carp fishing, and I consider them a "best buy", especially the Okuma Avenger baitrunner reels. But, from what I've observed few fishermen use this brand in saltwater.  I'm on a mission to find out just how good they are for saltwater fishing.
I've entered into a "relationship" with the Okuma company and have access to many of their products.  The first reel I'm trying out for saltwater is their Trio model.  This past week I used a Trio-55, a medium size reel that weighs about 15 oz. I spooled it with 30 lb. Power Pro braid and will tell you that this reel is VERY braid friendly.  Not a wind knot in over a week of fishing.  The reel is corrosion resistant and is suited for fishing inshore waters.  I've already caught about 50 stripers on the reel and have used it from the surf and boat.  My first impression of this reel is that it is smooth as silk.  It has a solid feel and the drag is super smooth.  Of course, these descriptions could describe most new reels right out of the box.  The true test of a saltwater reel is how it fares over time and that will have to wait to find out.  The good news is that this reel lists for $89 but you can find it on the Internet for about $70-$75.  In my mind, it is a real buy for a quality reel.
If you are looking for information on Okuma products, check out their website at