Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Find the Bait and You'll Find the Fish

The biggest fish of the evening
was this small keeper.
Today was a big day for us.  We finally found a pile of bait and that led to a big day of fishing from shore for stripers and bluefish. We had our biggest day from shore in months.
The best lure today
was a Cocahoe fished
off a float.
I met up with my two youngest kids and fished the afternoon and evening with them.  We scouted out a big piece of the oceanfront and finally found some birds working bait in one particular spot.  That followed with pods of stripers and bluefish feeding on the bait and jumping for hours.  Yet, these fish were fussy.  It was a classic case of predators on small bait (bay anchovies) that was difficult to imitate.  In  addition, the stripers and blues were not aggressive.  The only thing that would get them to hit was a small white Cocahoe which was fished off a wooden float.  The dozens of stripers we landed were generally schoolies but we had a couple of near keeper fish, maybe a few that were just keepers.
There is no question that saltwater fishing is on an upswing. There have been increasing numbers of stripers and bluefish in the last few days.  However, there are still no false albacore to be found.  I do think it is only a matter of time before these fish show up.