Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Not Much Going On

I hit a hot evening of schoolie fishing a week ago, but since then it has been all downhill with slow going.  My sons have been hitting the oceanfront just about every evening in the last week, and they have gotten a fish here and there along with some blanks.  I hit the upper Bay on two occasions this week and got nothing in some high percentage early spring spots.  Today I had favorable conditions and I headed to the oceanfront. I fished for four hours and landed two small fish (see photo of one fish). I only saw one other guy fishing at dark and he got a couple of fish also.  The mood among most fishermen thus far is disappointment.  Yes, we are off to a slow start overall, but realize, too, we have not had favorable conditions along the oceanfront that would tend to drive migrating fish ashore. It is also very early in the season. Years ago the best spring schoolie fishing seemed to come around the third week in April.  Hopefully, it is coming.