Monday, April 29, 2013

First Keeper of the Year!

I was into a glut of fish along the south shore this evening. I was catching mostly schoolies in the 10-24 inch size range.  Most were falling for Cocahoes and teasers.  I decided to try a swimmer, hoping for something bigger.  The swimmer I used was a small 4 inch Bomber with a blue back.  After a few casts I was onto a good fish.  Only thing is this fish was unlike the others I had caugth tonight.  It was ripping drag and was heavy.  I knew I had something far bigger than the dozens of fish I had landed to this point.  After tug of war battle, I had my first keeper of the spring season in the wash.  I estimate it was a fish in the 15-16 lb.range and probably went about 32 inches long (see photo). It was quite hefty so it was eating well.
Right now the oceanfront is red hot.  There are lots of schoolies around.  Mixed in with the schoolies are occasional keepers along with near keeper fish in the 26-27 inch range (had several of those tonight also).  The spring run is in full swing right now.