Tuesday, April 9, 2013

NEWSFLASH....Schoolies Arrive at Oceanfront Big Time

Check out the sea lice on the tail
It took exactly three warm days and a southwesterly flow and BINGO, the oceanfront lit up with schoolies.  Just as I had predicted in my previous post, this was the week for it to happen.  I went to the oceanfront with my son, Ben, today and we had phenomenal schoolie action as we landed one fish after another.  These were all small schoolies, typical perfect fish that are covered in sea lice that you find in April.  I will say they were really small with all our fish measuring less than 16 inches long!.  We used a combination of Cocahoes and shrimp fly teasers to catch them on light tackle. About half the fish took the Cocahoe and half hit the teaser.  From what my sources tell me, the action began yesterday, April 8, when a few fish were taken.  The Mother Lode hit the shore today.  I suspect the action in the Bay will pick up in the next few days if it hasn't already.  Give it another week and we should see some small keepers.  The new season is finally here!