Monday, April 22, 2013

Fish Spreading into Bay; No Big Numbers

  I landed my first "new" fish in the Bay today in  places where you wouldn't find a holdover.  I landed a couple of 20 inch fish (see photo at right) on Zoom flukes mounted onto half ounce jigheads.  I also had another fish on and several more hits while spot hopping in a number of locations in the Upper Bay. So, it's starting.
I'm not surprised I landed these fish even though I had less than ideal conditions.  Reports have been floating around now for a few days about fish being caught in the Bay.  Reports suggest there seem to be some schoolies here and there but no big numbers.  The same thinking seems to hold true for the oceanfront.
What strikes me as strange thus far is the lack of effort.  I've seen very few fishermen out and about so far.  I never saw another guy in the Bay today.  Last week I fished a popular spot at the oceanfront and shared it with only one other fisherman. My sons, who have been picking up a fish here and there along the oceanfront, also report few fishermen around. Some of the fishermen I have spoken to have expressed disappointment at the slow start.
We continue to have cold weather, cold water and less than ideal conditions.  I do think we'll see some quality fishing once the weather turns warmer.  Until then, I suspect it will slow going with a fish a fish or two here and there.