Friday, April 5, 2013

Must Have Lures

Early spring striper fishing is right around the corner.  Are you ready? 
For the first couple of weeks this will be just about all schoolie fishing done with light tackle. It just ain't complicated in the early going.  A few lures is all you need to get in on plenty of action.  Here is a list of the 4 "must have" lures that are the most effective.
1.  Cocahoe Minnow-  This is the very best lure along the oceanfront and sometimes works well in the Bay. This plastic fan tailed body is threaded onto a small jighead of 1/4 to 5/8 oz.  Light colors like pearl or glow are your best bets.  Cocahoes come in a small size (3 in.) or the large "queen" size.  Either one usually works though I carry both sizes.  These are hard to find, but Quaker Lane in N. Kingstown usually has a good supply.
2.  Zoom Flukes-  This is your best bet in Narragansett Bay.  The plastic fork
tailed body is threaded onto a small jighead as described above.  Light colors are best.  I prefer an  albino color.  These come in two sizes that work, a regular fluke or the "super" fluke. Can't find a Zoom fluke, then try the Fin S fish.
3.  Bucktail Jigs- Ah, the ole reliable bucktail.  You'll need to add a plastic tail to them for added action, but they still produce with amazing effectiveness at both the ocean and in the Bay.  I like a half oz. homemade flathead jig with a 3 inch Bass Pro triple ripple tail.
4. Shrimp Fly Teaser-  Not a main lure but is real hot as a teaser rigged ahead of the jig.  The shrimp is by far the best early season teaser and will even outperform the jig at times along the oceanfront.