Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bustin' Out All Over

Fishing has taken a dramatic turn for the better in the last couple of days.  The oceanfront has been especially hot and the Bay is steadily improving. The fish are also getting larger with some small keepers around. The spring run is on!
Tonight I fished the Bay.  My son, Jon, was in one spot at the oceanfront and my son, Ben, along with his girlfriend Allie, were miles away at another spot along the oceanfront.  We all caught fish. The kids at the oceanfront had big numbers of schoolies while I had  a couple.  Ben had the biggest fish which was just shy of a keeper.
The fish have also gotten much more active in the warming waters.  I got my fish tonight on a Slug Go (see pic) that was fished off a float.  I even saw  one guy next to me catch one on a Jumpin Minnow.  When you have fish coming to the surface to nail a topwater plug, it is a sure sign that the activity level is perking up.
So, now is prime time to cast a line as the spring run is in full swing.  With nice weather predicted for the next week or so, it looks like the coming days should be very good for spring fishing.