Thursday, May 31, 2012

2 Guys All Day in Boat.....1 Bass

My brother and I gave the upper and mid Bay one last shot today.  We spent all day in the boat fishing live menhaden in a number of good spots.  The results were one lone keeper bass of 33 inches (see photo).  Not good.
Once again, the upper Bay was saturated with menhaden.  There were acres and acres of them, and we could have snagged a barrel full  in no time.  However, except for a few pesky blues around those schools there were no stripers to be found. We had quite a few that we were livelining chopped by large blues.  The lone bass we were able to catch was in a mid Bay location in about 25 feet of water.  The bay water today was a warm 72-73 degrees everywhere we traveled.  That is way above normal for this time of year and could be one reason for the poor fishing. The other reason....simply, there are not that many large stripers around the Bay this year.