Monday, May 21, 2012

PINK Hogy Works Wonders Today

My son, Chris, needed help moving back home from Narragansett today.  So, I figured I would get down to the oceanfront early and fish a bit in the daytime and move his stuff later.  It was a good move.
I found decent numbers of keeper bass and landed three good fish from 30-37 inches thanks to my 9 inch, skinny pink Hogy.  At first I was using a white Slug Go.  I had a couple of whirls but no takers.  When I put the pink Hogy on, BANG, instant success with a thirty inch fish.  I got two more bigger fish to take it and had several more whirls and hits. In the past that pink Hogy has been a good producer in the daytime at this time of year, and it worked like a charm today.

I believe the fishing was good today because it was a lousy day weatherwise with northeast winds, a constant drizzle and fog.  The water was also rough.  These were all decent conditions to score in the daytime. I'm almost certain that a sunny day would have produced nothing.