Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Very Good Outing

I made the move away from the upper Bay to the cooler waters southward yesterday evening.  It paid off with the best evening of fishing I have had in weeks.  The score for the night was 13 stripers from 18-26 inches and a lone blue.

If you get The Fisherman magazine, you'll see I have an article in this week's issue ( May31) titled Imitating Sand Eels.  Those tactics outlined in that article worked like a charm on last night's fish.  There was a lot of small bait around so I went with a teaser (Red Gill, see photo on right) rigged ahead of a 6 inch white Hogy.  That rig landed 3 double headers (see photo on left).  For the night, I got about half the fish on the teaser and half on the Hogy.  A teaser rig will be one of your prime offerings in the coming weeks when there will be a combination of small sandeels around as well as other small bait.  Right now is prime time to start adding a teaser to your leader.