Monday, June 25, 2012

RI Fastest Warming State in US!

Well. I'm not surprised by this news story that says RI is the fastest warming state in the US.  Here is the quote.

"A new report from Climate Central, a research and public outreach program, says global warming is causing some states to heat up faster than others.

The group analyzed temperature increased over the past 100 years and highlighted the ten states that saw the highest temperature increase.

Climate Central suggests the warming is caused partly by natural climate changes and atmospheric aerosoles (which block solar radiation).

Scientists say the pace of warming increased dramatically in the 1970's. That mirrors the time frame when the effect of greenhouse gases began to become widespread.

We begin with the fastest warming state in the U.S., which lies staunchly in the Northeast corridor."

The report goes on to list RI as the number one fastest warming state in the US followed by MA.  This spells trouble for striper fishermen.  We already know that summer striper fishing in inshore waters in the last five years has fallen down like a lead balloon and it continues to worsen as we move on. We are on a trend that will put this summer as the slowest I have ever seen.  In addition, water temperatures (at least in the Bay) are about the highest I have ever seen and not comfortable for striped bass. I suspect the fishing will not perk up until the fall.

If you want to  read the entire climate report check out this link: