Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What Works in One Spot May Not Work in Another

Last night I fished the ocean for a change.  I had been doing well in the lower Bay on the low end of the tide, but I lost the tide in that location. So, I fished the oceanfront in one of my high tide spots.  I started off with my pink Hogy, a lure that had been working well for me in low light and poor weather conditions at the oceanfront.  One the first cast, a schoolie came up and smacked it, but didn't take it.  I had several more hits but no takers.  So, time for a switch in lures.  I snapped on a Red Gill teaser rig with a small 6 inch white Hogy, a good choice for finicky fish.  This combo had been deadly earlier in the week in the lower Bay and I was sure this would catch these fussy schoolies.  Nothing doing.  They wouldn't even whirl at it.  So, I went back to my pink Hogy and continued to get hits and eventually got one fish.  It all points out that what works in one spot does not necessarily produce in another.  That's what makes fishing so interesting and complex.  Trial and error as well as experience often will point you in the direction of what produces.