Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Wild One

I went down to the oceanfront yesterday to fish with two of my sons who attend URI.  It is sort of a bonding thing we do several times a week.  It turned out to be one wild fishing day.  It started off slowly as Ben and I landed a few bass at Pt. Judith.  Not much there so we moved on to another location.  We walked to an overlook and right in front of us was one of the biggest striper blitzes I have seen in years.  Along an entire shoreline stripers were breaking right on the shore. There were thousands of fish.  Further out blues were boiling the water into a froth.  Cast out, and you would hook a fish immediately.  Between Ben, myself and his girlfriend, we  landed about 20 stripers up to near keeper size and a half dozen blues.  This dissipated and we moved to another location where my son Jon joined up.  Same deal with fish busting here and there after bay anchovies.  The fish were fussy but we managed to pick up a few more blues and a bass.  Now it was dark and Jon and I moved to another location where he picked up a big blue (see pic) and I had a couple of bass, one of which was a small keeper.  In short, everywhere I went yesterday there was fish and big numbers of them.  It was one hell of a wild day, which seems to be almost a daily occurrence this September.