Saturday, September 17, 2011

Terrific Outing of Albies, Stripers and Blues

I fished today from my brother Steve's boat.  It was myself, Steve and my son, Ben.  We had a terrific outing catching September's hat trick of stripers, albies and bluefish.  In all we landed 7 false albacore, at least 15 stripers and another 15 bluefish.  There was constant action from morning till late afternoon as the fish had bay anchovies and peanut bunker (yes, they are around) pinned up against a rocky shoreline that extended for about half a mile.  In fact, many of these fish were so close to shore that you could have easily scored big time from the shore.
All the albies were caught on the float and fluke rig (see previous post), about the hottest ticket right now to catch these finicky feeders.  The stripers and blues were mostly taken on bucktail jigs and Wild Eye shads, good imitators when there is peanut bunker around.  Fishing is real hot right now if you can find the bait.  It took a lot of looking today but when we found it we found big numbers of fish.  It turned out to be about  as hot as it gets in September!