Friday, September 9, 2011

Another Round of Rough Water Kills Fishing

Just as the ocean began to calm down from Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Katia moved up the Atlantic to bring a big roiled surf to RI's oceanfront.  I last fished on Wed. along the oceanfront, and things weren't pretty.  The waves were big, 8-10 feet.  The water was very sandy and roiled and there was weed all over.  It was near impossible to fish anywhere other than protected backwaters.  And, I got nothing.Things have gone downhill even more since Wed.  My son, Ben, who lives down in Narragansett called to say the ocean was even more churned up today. 
Shore fishing is not looking good for the next few days or until the water calms down and clears up.  Too bad because things were looking up in the beginning of the week.