Monday, September 12, 2011

Fishing Perking UP

My son, Ben, who lives in Narragansett (URI student....tough life!), called me last night to tell me that he had a real good outing.  He fished the Gansett area from shore yesterday evening and came away with 15 stripers in just over an hour of fishing.  By today's standards, that would qualify as a terrific outing.
He said nothing was showing and no bait was evident.  He used a float and jig and immediately started catching fish.  They were all sizes from small ones to keeper size.  So, the fish are around.  It is a matter of moving around and finding them at this time of year. Ben tried several high percentage spots before finding these fish.
I am also getting reports from other fishermen around the oceanfront who report catching fish and increased activity.  It seems like the good fall fishing we were all waiting for has begun.