Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hot Ticket for Albies: Float and Fluke Rig

I have discovered that plastics are red hot for false albacore.  Why not, they catch everything else.  Here is the scoop on how I'm fishing these plastics.  I am using my old reliable homemade wooden float with about three feet of 30 lb. test mono attached to the end.  At the very end of the leader I am using a Zoom fluke (albino color) that is threaded onto a barbed hook (see photo).  I'm still fiddling around with the hook trying to find something that holds the fluke on as well as having some good hooking power.  What I'm using seems to work fairly well since I went 2 for 2 today landing both hits that I had.
This set up will cast real far if you are looking for distance from the shore.  Simply reel it in bouncing the rod tip occasionally to impart some extra action on the fluke.  It is so natural looking in the water that the albies can not resist slamming the offering if it is within their sight.  Very hot stuff!