Sunday, November 24, 2019

Winding Down

Just a week ago things were hopping, but it now looks like
the fishing is winding down. That's the way it goes at the end
of November. There might still be a few for those trying.
A lot changes can happen in a week at this time of year. I get a sense that the season is winding down. There are still fish around as I got a few two days ago, but I can tell you that I had beautiful conditions in a great spot with few fish. A week ago would have been lights out in this spot with these conditions. I saw no bait and no birds working even way out.  That's a sign that things are slowly winding down. I also saw just about no other fishermen around, another bad sign.  And, today's big blow marks the second storm in just three days to batter the coast.
I plan to hit the shore again this week once the weather calms down. I'm guessing there are still a few fish moving through.  Heck, you might even have a real good day.  But, I'm also guessing the consistent fishing is gone. It usually happens this way at the end of November, and we are there.
This is a fall in which we have been beaten down by the weather.  I never saw so many severe storms as I've witnessed this fall along the oceanfront.  Still, the fishing has been pretty darn good in between these blows. And, this November will go down as one of the best for me as far as numbers of stripers.