Monday, November 4, 2019

Big Numbers of Fish on the Move

Here is one of the hefty schoolies that I landed today on a
Cocahoe minnow on a jighead.  Big numbers of fish were
on the move today.
Things are happening.  There is a major push of fish going on right now along the RI oceanfront.  I hit the surf today and landed big numbers of schoolies. They seemed to be everywhere on the beach I fished though few fish were showing.  From what I heard this was also going on in other spots along the south shore beachfront today.
These fish were all schoolies that were running 16 to 20 inches on average, though I had a few that may have gone 22 inches.  I chose to use a jig (Cochahoe on 3/4 oz jighead), and that seemed to be very effective on catching the fish while limiting the damage to them. I did not have one "bad" hook-up on any fish today and all were released in good shape. With schoolies dominating the scene, it's a good idea to shy away from treble hooked plugs. I know there were hundreds of fish landed today in various spots, and to my knowledge, there was not a single keeper caught in the daytime. I later fished after dark and it was the same story.....lots of schoolies, no keepers.  Just the way it is these days.