Friday, November 1, 2019

Turning to Freshwater in the Storminess

This 23 lb. carp was landed last night in the wind and rain.
Carp love to feed in stormy weather.
In the last ten days I have landed 5 carp from 20 to 27 lbs.
along with many fish in the teens here in RI.
In the last ten days, I have caught five fish over twenty pounds and many more fish in the teens here in RI. Now, before you striper guys get too excited, I must tell you that these are carp and not stripers. In all the storminess that has shut down the oceanfront, I have turned to my "other" passion of carp fishing, and have done quite well fishing for them in the bad weather.
Carp just love this warm and stormy weather.  The big ones are quite tough to catch under bluebird conditions, but get a nasty day of rain and wind, and these big girls throw caution to the wind and will go on feeding sprees. They will also prowl close to the shore under cover of darkness on stormy nights.  Yes, they do hit well at night, much like bigger stripers do.
Carp inhabit most of the freshwater ponds, lakes and rivers here in southern New England. While most fishermen know these monsters of freshwater exist, most fishermen don't have the foggiest of clues on how to fish for them. All those fish I caught that I mentioned above were caught on a combo bait of maize and artificial corn fished on a hair rig with a method ball packed around my sinker. I'm sure I lost many of you in that last sentence.
Carp can fill a void when saltwater fishing for stripers shuts down.  It will also fill a void for me in late November and throughout the winter when I will target these fish on a regular basis.  For more info on carp fishing, try visiting my RI Carp Fishing Blog.