Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Still Good

There are still good numbers of schoolies along
the oceanfront.
I had not fished for a couple of days due to that big ocean storm earlier in the week. So, today when I went down to the oceanfront I wasn't too sure what I would find, if anything. When I got to the shore, I saw no indicators.  No birds working, no bait, no fishermen. But, I've seen this show before and I know you just have to cast to find out if anything is around. Well, it took just one cast to find out as I had a striper on my very first cast. After that it was on and off fish for most of the afternoon. So, they are still around in good numbers.
The fish I got today were all schoolies that averaged about 20 inches.  I had a few fish in the 24 to 25 inch range but no keepers.  I got all my fish on jigs.  I was trying out a fantailed plastic body called a Berkley Gulp Ripple Mullet.  I mounted it on a 3/4 oz. jighead.  While it was very effective, it was way too flimsy for my liking. Four or five fish and the soft plastic just ripped away from the jighead.  It will be back to Cocahoes on the next outing for me.
I saw just about NO ONE fishing today. It reminded me of the times when I go down in December and the beaches are deserted. I have to assume that many fishermen have given it up for the season.