Wednesday, November 6, 2019


It was an epic November blitz.  Today's fishing will go down as one of the biggest blitzes I have ever seen along the oceanfront at this time of year.  It had everything to make it memorable.  Big flocks of gannets were divebombing in a spectacular display. Huge schools of peanut bunker that ranged from small peanuts to big six inch specimens were just about everywhere washing up onto the shore at times.  And the stripers, oh the stripers were there by the millions over miles of shoreline attacking the bait from below as cormorants, gulls and gannets feasted from above.  And, this mayhem went on ALL DAY from morning till night. It was memorable.
The stripers were all sizes.  Most of what I caught went 20 to 22 inches though I did have one small keeper and several near keepers.  I also had a few smaller fish. The fish were aggressive.  Just about anything worked though I stuck with my jigs to make things easier and safer for catch-and release.  I did see some big fish (30 inch range), though taken on big poppers by other fishermen.
We are in the midst of a big time fall run  right now along the oceanfront.  How long this will last is anyone's guess.
Take a look at this video I shot of divebombing gannets after big peanut bunker!