Monday, May 1, 2017

Focusing on the Bay

While the majority of the fish are small,
some are decent size like this fish my son
Jon landed tonight.
Huge numbers of stripers continue to be caught along the oceanfront.  But, realize, too, the Bay is really picking up steam.  I fished in the Bay the last two evenings and came away with 40 schoolies.  Bay fish seem to be just like the oceanfront.  There are lots of small ones in the 8 to 15 inch range with occasional bigger ones that run 24-28 inches.
Zoom flukes are catching most
of my fish in the Bay right now.
The hot lure in the Bay for me has been a 4 inch Zoom fluke mounted onto a small (under half ounce) jighead. I especially like that fluke in an albino color. You want to cast this out and pull the rod tip in short bursts as you reel the lure in slowly. This is light tackle fishing and my 8 ft.,  St. Croix Mojo rod with my 150 Van Stall reel is doing the trick.
While I ran into tons of fishermen last week along the oceanfront, I seem to have the Bay to myself from shore.  I've seen very few fishermen in this area.