Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Big Week of Fishing

Steve Pickering with a Gansett Bay keeper.
It didn't matter whether I was fishing from the boat or fishing from shore.  This was a real big week of fishing for me as I landed well over a hundred stripers up to keeper size. I concentrated all my efforts in Narragansett and Mt. Hope Bays. My sons have been also cleaning up as Jon and Ben are getting good numbers of fish from shore in the Bay, and Matt is getting fish up to keeper size at Boston Harbor from shore.
This fish took a Cocahoe
mounted on a small
jighead.  These have
been hot when the fish
have been fussy.
The fish are really spread out right now.  When fishing from the boat we plugged various shorelines and it seemed like the fish were hitting all over the place.  Some spots had more, some less, but still, fish all over. Fishing low water under ten feet was a key to success.
Plastics continue to be the hot numbers from shore and boat.  I landed lots of fish on albino Zoom flukes on half ounce jigheads from shore.  One day we were out in the boat and fussy fish were breaking all over the place. I assume they were on small bait.  That day a small three inch, white Cocahoe was hot.  On another day I used a 7 and 1/2 inch white Slug-Go to catch a lot of fish from the boat. I have done very little on hard plugs, but one day my son, Jon, hit a good number of fish from shore on a small Rapala X-rap swimmer. Small artificials are producing the best right now.
This keeper hit an albino Zoom fluke,
 a hot lure from shore and boat this
The fish continue to get bigger.  The average schoolie is now running 16-20 inches with good numbers of 20-25 inch fish and a lot less micro fish.  Occasionally we are getting keepers in the 28-33 inch range.
So, everything is hot right now. Mid May is just a terrific time to fish.