Saturday, May 27, 2017

700 to 3

There have been huge numbers of 10-18 inch
schoolies around, but keepers are in short supply.
Where are the keepers? So far this year I have landed over 700 stripers. Of that number, a mere 3 have been keepers from 28-32 inches. That is an incredible difference between schoolies and keepers. While we have a glut of schoolies, there clearly is a shortage of keepers. Shore fishermen who use plugs are especially finding it difficult to catch a good fish. I am guessing this trend is going to continue for the rest of the season.
There have been an incredible number of small schoolies in the 10-18 inch range. I am finding them just about everywhere I fish, even in those big fish spots of past years.  Heck, even those larger schoolies that run 20-27 inches have been in short supply. I haven't gotten many of those either.
We keep hearing inflated reports about the abundance of large stripers in the Bay chasing pogies. Both my brother and I have not seen it. At best, that menhaden thing is hit or miss, and there seems to be no consistent big numbers of larger fish chasing them.  For instance, my brother Steve was out in boat in the Bay last week looking all over the place for large fish on pogies.  He ended up catching one good striper of 45 inches.  That was it for the day, and he never saw another boater catch a fish even though he saw dozens of them trying.  There were lots of pogies, but few large stripers under them.
Many are pointing to the fact that the weather and the water is still cold.  I know that last year the real good fishing for large fish in the Bay happened in June. Hopefully, that will happen again this year.