Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Bucktail jigs spiced with plastic curly tails have been hot
for stripers this week.  Fish the jig alone or off a float.
The fantastic RI oceanfront fishing just keeps rolling along, unabated.  I thought the big surf, stormy weather and strong winds that we had today would put an end to the fantastic fishing, but no way.  Today was equally as good and any other day I have fished in the last two weeks.  Stripers were thick in the white water where I fished today.
Conditions today were extreme.  I estimate the surf in front of me was running 7-10 feet, yet there were thouands of birds diving and picking up bait right outside the surf line and fish were busting right under those birds.  The foamy surf was also thick with stripers even though little was showing close to shore.  The hot lure continues to be some type of jig used alone or off a float.  I used both bucktail jigs and jigheads mounted with Cocahoes today to land a big number of fish.  Like most of the other days, all the fish today were schoolies that generally were in the 24-25 inch range.  Some were near keepers.
The recent run of stripers is some of the best fishing I have seen in years.  Blitzes have been occurring on a daily basis.  Find the bait and you will find the fish.